Toning sprays


The solution to enhance cool tones in hair to prolong the effects of your in-salon colour service or natural hair tones.

Cool shades in blonde and brunette hair are a popular trend that needs to be maintained with a specific home routine.

To tackle unwanted warm, brassy tones, use one of our three toning ranges that is just right for you!

Icy Blonde: Specific toning spray for blond hair. A no-rinse spray formulated with a specific black pigment that counteracts brass while depositing ash tones in blond or lightened hair. Gives hair a healthy appearance while detangling and improving manageability.

Cold Brunette: Specific toning spray for brown hair. Formulated with a special blue pigment that counteracts warm, red/orangey tones in brown hair. It strengthens and hydrates hair, giving the hair a healthy appearance.

Silver Shine: A leave-in spray with a specific violet pigment that neutralizes unwanted yellow/golden tones in hair. It strengthens and hydrates hair, giving it a healthy appearance as well as detangling and improving manageability.

USE: shake well and spray evenly over clean, damp hair at approx. 10-15 cm from hair, comb through and proceed with drying. As a daily touch-up, spray over dry hair at approx. 30 cm from hair.

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