Eclips Salon & Spa is a Platinum level concept salon with a unique location in the LC Valley.

Nestled between Washington and Idaho, this booming salon focuses on education and luxury for their diverse clientele that spans two states!

  • Salon Stats: Eclips Salon & Spa
  • Instagram: @eclips_salon_and_spa
  • Owner: Sabrina Knight
  • Manager: Alicia Bell
  • Years in Business: 18
  • Number of Employees: 14
  • Most popular service: Moisture Plus Lotion Treatment

What’s something that you think sets you apart from other salons in the area?

Sabrena We focus on education and pure, clean products. milk_shake provides amazing educational experiences.

Alicia We also create a very luxury-spa like experiences for clients.

Sabrena We really pinpoint what the problem is and solve it. On every client, we start with the deep cleansing shampoo and then we customize the products that we use at the shampoo bowl for the clients’ hair type and for their needs.

Alicia It’s almost like a prescription, what kind of issues are they having with their scalp, we really get to the bottom of what they need. Sabrena: With changing seasons, or maybe they are experiencing hair loss, so maybe we will focus more on the Energizing Blend, but with a moisture plus on the ends, or scalp treatment. We always ask for permission to explain what we are using and why. So by the time we get to retail, it’s not sales. It’s more like education.


Why did you decide to use/carry milk_shake products? Sabrena 1 can of whipped cream! Mikal Kubu [of MRK Beauty] stopped by with her awesome little mobile van, and said ‘I’m working with this new company and I’d to give you this little gift, tell me what you think of it”.So a few days later I had to get a case of it!And now there is nothing that milk_shake carries that we don’t have. We are committed.


What made you make the jump to milk_shake colour?Sabrena It was the commitment to education. They just came in, took away all of my old color, and brought in everything new. They just made it super easy and simple I would say it’s the education with concept and their education team that has stole my heart. And they’ll have it forever.


What has been the biggest key to your success?

Sabrena Giving back to our team. Remembering that the dream doesn’t work without the team
Alicia and the community! We aren’t really looking for new clients now, but we got a lot of our clients in the beginning by donating in local fundraisers.

Sabrena And also, I want to give a huge shoutout to MRK Beauty. Without them none of this would be possible. We just can’t ever thank them enough.