Bloom Collection Book


The inspiration...The inner and outer, the whole and its parts, the enduring strength that comes from infinite, intricate details coming together to create a breath-taking form. The beauty of the feminine and the beauty of nature are one and the same.

From the soft pinks and oranges of the sunrise to the deep red- browns of the earth and the cool flinty glitterings of precious stones. All of these inspirations are reflected in this latest celebration of beauty, naturally.

Let beauty blossom

When purchasing:

  • 18 tubes of Creative Permanent Color,
  • 9 Minutes Color and Smoothies (mix and match)


  • BloomCOLLECTION Book Free*
  • + Digital Access Code for technique video
  • + Digital Access Code for technique video
  • 3 coloring techniques
  • + 3 cutting techniques


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