Lifestyling Smoothing Cream


milk_shake smoothing cream, with a special silicon, creates a transparent film that smooths, protects and conditions hair without making it look dull. Special emollient agents condition the hair and make brushing easier during styling, and a fixative filmogen agent helps in creating long-lasting sleek styles. Contains milk protein, which has a strong integrative and conditioning action on hair’s structure inside the cortex; and extract of lychee, rich in vitamin C, minerals and natural antioxidants to protect hair from UV rays and atmospheric agents. Hair is protected from heat, humidity, and color fading. milk_shake smoothing cream smoothes hair’s cuticle and gives it light, natural support. Good for medium and thick hair and ideal for curly hair, milk_shake smoothing cream eliminates frizz and helps to define curls while making hair soft and shiny.

Use: Massage into clean, damp hair. Proceed with the styling.

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