September 13th, 12 noon EST I Revive your Summer Hair with HD Shine Treatment

Artist: Sharon Keller

Have the Summer elements left your guest’s hair feeling dry, with a lack of luster? tune in for this live as we share a fun and easy new treatment called Hd Shine.

September 20th, 12 noon EST I A BOB for every season

Artist: Sarah McGinnis

A timeless and effortless look suitable for any season, Sarah will share her interpretation of a modern Bob shape. don’t miss out!

September 27th, 12 noon EST I Cool to the Max

Artist: Charlene Main

We are excited to share the arrival or our new cOld natuRalS series. tune in to learn about the many options available in creating a cOOleR end result.

October 4th, 12 noon EST I Braiding/ Lifestyling

Artist: Brittney Tester

On this live Brittney will share 5 easy steps to create the perfect “Wrap around Braid” while using uniquely tailored products from the milk_shake lifestyling portfolio.

October 11th, 12 noon EST I Fall-ayage in-spired by the colours of Fall

Artist: Kara Corry

During this live Kara will stay true to the balayage technique while embracing the many options of milk_shake creative Permanent color. 

October 18th, 12 noon EST I Cutting on the Bias

Artist: Gerard Caruso & Brian Grieve

Tune in on this live. as we share a modern approach to creating movement and flow in your next haircut.

October 25th, 12 noon EST I Dread-Light's Coloring

Artist: Danielle Giarizzo

Maintain your color with a kiss of brightness, join us as we share a quick and easy techniques to enhance your next color service.